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License To Carry (CHL) Course
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        So what is the License To Carry Class like with Texas Gun Pros?



Would you like to give a Gift Certificate for a Texas Gun Pros Class? Well, now you can!


Determine below what class of ours you should take based on your personal shooting experience!

Experience Level
             Class Options

Never Shot a Gun

Handgun 101 [Beginners Best Course]
Basic Pistol Course
Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar
Gun Cleaning Training

Minimal Shooting Experience

Handgun 101 [Beginners Best Course]
Basic Pistol Course
Advanced Carry
Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar
Gun Cleaning Training
License To Carry Course

Moderate Shooting Experience

License To Carry Course
Advanced Carry
Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar
Gun Cleaning Training

Experienced Shooter

License To Carry Course
Advanced Carry
Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar
Gun Cleaning Training

        In-Stock Inventory


American Classic Amigo 45 ACP UPC: 728028073386
American Classic
Amigo (45 ACP)
UPC: 728028073386
Price:  $559.00


Armalite Eagle 15 223 Wylde UPC: 651984018651
Eagle 15 (223 Wylde)
UPC: 651984018651
Price:  $599.00


Armalite Eagle ORC 223 Wylde UPC: 651984019115
Eagle ORC (223 Wylde)
UPC: 651984019115
Price:  $599.00


Bersa Thunder 380 Matte 380 ACP UPC: 091664960199
Thunder 380 Matte (380 ACP)
UPC: 091664960199
Price:  $269.00


Century Arms TP9SF Canik 9mm UPC: 787450348196
Century Arms
TP9SF Canik (9mm)
UPC: 787450348196
Price:  $349.00


Del-Ton DT Sport Lite 5.56/223 UPC: 848456001925
DT Sport Lite (5.56/223)
UPC: 848456001925
Price:  $559.00


DPMS Panther Arms Oracle 5.56/223 UPC: 884451002383
DPMS Panther Arms
Oracle (5.56/223)
UPC: 884451002383
Price:  $599.00


Glock G19 9mm UPC: 764503502194
G19 (9mm)
UPC: 764503502194
Price:  $529.00


Glock G36 45 ACP UPC: 764503913884
G36 (45 ACP)
UPC: 764503913884
Price:  $579.00

         New Arrival

Glock G43 9mm UPC: 764503002533
G43 (9mm)
UPC: 764503002533
Price:  $479.00


Ka-Bar USMC Fighting  UPC: 617717212178
USMC Fighting ()
UPC: 617717212178
Price:  $79.99


Kahr Arms CM9 9mm UPC: 602686067317
Kahr Arms
CM9 (9mm)
UPC: 602686067317
Price:  $399.00


Kahr Arms CT40 40 SW UPC: 602686097314
Kahr Arms
CT40 (40 SW)
UPC: 602686097314
Price:  $399.00


Next Level Armament NLX5.56 Upper/Lower  5.56/223 UPC: 99999999222
Next Level Armament
NLX5.56 Upper/Lower  (5.56/223)
UPC: 99999999222
Price:  $219.00


Palmetto State Armory Classic Freedom OD 5.56/223 UPC: 810022442777
Palmetto State Armory
Classic Freedom OD (5.56/223)
UPC: 810022442777
Price:  $589.00

         New Arrival

Remington 1911 R1 45 ACP UPC: 885293963245
1911 R1 (45 ACP)
UPC: 885293963245
Price:  $689.00


Remington 870 12 Gauge UPC: 047700251004
870 (12 Gauge)
UPC: 047700251004
Price:  $399.00


Remington RM380 380 ACP UPC: 885293964549
RM380 (380 ACP)
UPC: 885293964549
Price:  $369.00

         New Arrival

Ruger American (Navy Digital) 270 Win UPC: 736676069101
American (Navy Digital) (270 Win)
UPC: 736676069101
Price:  $369.00


Ruger LC9S Pro 9mm UPC: 736676032488
LC9S Pro (9mm)
UPC: 736676032488
Price:  $399.00


Ruger SR1911-CMD Lightweight 9mm UPC: 736676067220
SR1911-CMD Lightweight (9mm)
UPC: 736676067220
Price:  $779.00


SAR Arms K2P 9mm UPC: 741566600920
SAR Arms
K2P (9mm)
UPC: 741566600920
Price:  $379.00


SCCY CPX-1-CBSG 9mm UPC: 857679003425
CPX-1-CBSG (9mm)
UPC: 857679003425
Price:  $309.00


SCCY CPX1-TT 9mm UPC: 857679003012
CPX1-TT (9mm)
UPC: 857679003012
Price:  $309.00


SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm UPC: 857679003029
CPX2-CB (9mm)
UPC: 857679003029
Price:  $299.00


SCCY CPX2-CBSG 9mm UPC: 857679003449
CPX2-CBSG (9mm)
UPC: 857679003449
Price:  $299.00


SCCY CPX-2-TTCR 9mm UPC: 857679003227
CPX-2-TTCR (9mm)
UPC: 857679003227
Price:  $309.00


Sig Sauer P238 Purple 380 ACP UPC: 798681462391
Sig Sauer
P238 Purple (380 ACP)
UPC: 798681462391
Price:  $679.00


Smith and Wesson Bodyguard w/Laser 38 Special UPC: 022188865134
Smith and Wesson
Bodyguard w/Laser (38 Special)
UPC: 022188865134
Price:  $469.00


Smith and Wesson M&P 40 Shield 40 SW UPC: 022188147209
Smith and Wesson
M&P 40 Shield (40 SW)
UPC: 022188147209
Price:  $399.00


Smith and Wesson M&P 9 9mm UPC: 022188128246
Smith and Wesson
M&P 9 (9mm)
UPC: 022188128246
Price:  $499.00

         New Arrival

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 45 45ACP UPC: 022188867244
Smith and Wesson
M&P Shield 45 (45ACP)
UPC: 022188867244
Price:  $479.00


Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9 w/NTS 9mm UPC: 022188864151
Smith and Wesson
M&P Shield 9 w/NTS (9mm)
UPC: 022188864151
Price:  $399.00


Smith and Wesson M&P Shield w/Night Sights 9mm UPC: 022188867435
Smith and Wesson
M&P Shield w/Night Sights (9mm)
UPC: 022188867435
Price:  $489.00

         New Arrival

Smith and Wesson M&P9 VTAC 9mm UPC: 022188144024
Smith and Wesson
M&P9 VTAC (9mm)
UPC: 022188144024
Price:  $699.00


Smith and Wesson SD9 VE 9mm UPC: 022188149326
Smith and Wesson
SD9 VE (9mm)
UPC: 022188149326
Price:  $329.00


Taurus 617 First 24 Kit 357 Mag UPC: 725327611844
617 First 24 Kit (357 Mag)
UPC: 725327611844
Price:  $729.00


Taurus PT-111 Mill. Pro G2 9mm UPC: 725327610601
PT-111 Mill. Pro G2 (9mm)
UPC: 725327610601
Price:  $299.00

           Used Gun

USSG / Baikal MP220 12 Gauge UPC: 741566900709
USSG / Baikal
MP220 (12 Gauge)
UPC: 741566900709
Price:  $399.00


Walther Arms PPS 40 SW UPC: 723364200144
Walther Arms
PPS (40 SW)
UPC: 723364200144
Price:  $379.00


Walther Arms PPS M2 9mm UPC: 723364209369
Walther Arms
PPS M2 (9mm)
UPC: 723364209369
Price:  $449.00

           Used Gun

Winchester 1300 Universal Hunter 12 Gauge UPC: 04870219141
1300 Universal Hunter (12 Gauge)
UPC: 04870219141
Price:  $299.00


Winchester Repeating Arms 1873 Deluxe Trapper Limited Series 45LC UPC: 048702006838
Winchester Repeating Arms
1873 Deluxe Trapper Limited Series (45LC)
UPC: 048702006838
Price:  $1,599.00

Texas Law Shield

Use our special Texas Gun Pros Promo Code TGP when you sign up for a full year and get two free months of the coverage as well as you will stay at platinum level pricing for as long as you remain in the program!  >> Sign Up Today!

What is Texas Law Shield?
The Texas Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program is owned by Texas Law Shield, LLP. The program is dedicated to preserving 2nd Amendment Rights for all legal gun owners in Texas and ensuring legal representation for all their members who ever have to use a firearm. In addition, a cornerstone of their program is education in the area of firearms law. An informed citizenry is essential to preserve our countries rich heritage and all of our rights. The company and the firearms program are owned and administered by lawyers who are dedicated to preserving the legal rights of their members when they use a firearm.


Don't forget to use the Promo Code TGP

FGC   Free Gun Cleaning Training

Class Date: 12/6/2016 (7 PM - 9 PM)


Class is Full. Select Another Class Date

CHL   License To Carry Class

Class Date: 12/10/2016 (8 AM - 3:30 PM)   


Class is Full. Select Another Class Date

AR 101   AR Basic 101 Class

Class Date: 12/15/2016 (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

Cost:  $35

CHL   License To Carry Class

Class Date: 12/18/2016 (8 AM - 3:30 PM)   

Cost:  $79

Handgun 101  Handgun 101 Class

Class Date: 12/19/2016 (7 PM - 9 PM)

Cost:  $30

About Texas Gun Pros

Texas Gun Pros educates and trains to promote firearm safety and proficiency in the DFW Metroplex. You can take any one of our classes at any level of gun knowledge. We welcome anyone who has never held or shot a gun. We also welcome anyone who is looking for a refresher on shooting.

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